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Monday, November 15, 2010

24/7 Captcha entry project

This is simple captcha entry job
You only need to type images and earning money much you can
First open this website.

CLICK ON red clour option AND than type login id password

LOGIN ID :  earning30
PASSWORD :  123456

LOGIN ID :  earning37
PASSWORD :  123456

LOGIN ID :  earning38
PASSWORD :  123456

LOGIN ID :  earning39
PASSWORD :  123456

LOGIN ID :  earning40
PASSWORD :  123456

CHECK any id of these for testing only

When u type login id password and than u see third option of language , select english language and than logged final.

After type some entries in down u see your counting showing like, 1 / 100 than like your counting increasing.

Final email on our yahoo for request id password and also tell me how many entries you finish daily, its no any limit, much
you can work you can earn daily but minimum entries 2k or maximum much you can

If you type daily 3k image so u earn $2.5 daily. That means per K=$.85. so after 30 days your sum will be $72 plus ore more

Now after checking all things final email me on my yahoo:-
shaon.bd1 in Skype


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